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This newsletter will be a chance to hear from Me directly. Not through a generated post, not through a tagged feed, but through words that I've written to share exclusively with you. You'll be the first to know about my upcoming tours should it be to your city. You'll be the only one who gets access to my writing, whether it be erotic stories that guide you into your own fantasy or whether it simply shares what I've been up to in everyday life. You'll get updates on my art practice and what I"m currently working on. You'll be filled with joy when you see that your inbox  has an unopened email from your Mistress.

More and more, the desire to post daily on social media lessens as time and time again, photos get stolen, providers are kicked off of platforms, or the engagement is simply lacking. 


This fan site was created to share MORE. More of who I am as a Dominant, an artist, a woman of intricate beauty, intelligence, and exceptional taste....


There will be new and old content as I have a backlog that dates back across the past 6 years of My experiences as a Pro Domme. You'll see various versions of My shapeshifting, new explorations of what D/s means to Me, and gain further insight into My own personal desires, in and out of the dungeon.

Submit and Surrender. I am your unedited fantasy, your wildest dream, come to life....

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