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Are you ready to explore what submission means to you? Please read through the options below and decide what's best for what seek and together, we'll create the most ideal experience.

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Public Outing

This is a public meet up that can be for business or pleasure. Whether you're wanting to take the time to get to know Me better over coffee, venture out on a hike in nature, or treat Me to a shopping or dinner date, this is one of the best ways to connect with Me in a more casual setting. Rates begin at $250/hr and can be combined with a session in the dungeon before or after. All expenses and travel arrangements will be taken care of by you and in return, you get to receive the best gift of all, My company.

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Kink & BDSM

This is the ultimate 'Dominatrix' experience that takes place in a fully equipped, private incall space. Rates begin at $400/hr and are discounted to $350 for 4 or more hours. The session is customized to make your fantasies come to life through consensual activities that are agreed upon beforehand. References and deposit are required in order to book.


Art Subject

Become one of My masterpieces. Offer your body as a canvas for Me to paint on. Together, we'll collaborate to make a one of kind painting that you submitted for. *Please Note, you must be willing to be flogged and to have your photo taken (with or without your face). This will be for the purpose of documenting the process and a negotiation of whether they can be shared will be discussed on an individual basis. Rates begin at $200/hr plus cost of materials and supplies. You will have the option to take home the painting or offer it to Me for my portfolio.

 Hard Limits

  • No sex

  • No kissing

  • No Requests for Nudity or partial nudity

  • No Brown shower/ Full toilet training

  • No Submissive Only sessions, I am not submissive or a switch. Dominant Only

  • No humiliation based on gender or sexuality

  • No Fully scripted roleplay Scenes

  • No Race play

  • No Competitive wrestling, fighting, or physical violent acts.

upcoming Availability & Tour Schedule:                            


San Francisco: June 5-8th

                                 June 21st-28th


San Diego: June 9-10th

                       June 15th-18th


San Diego: July 1st-22nd

Seattle: July 29th-31st


Portland: August 1st-5th

Chicago: Dates TBD

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