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Mistress Lillian Adie
Professional Dominatrix

Power, Presence, Permission

Lillian_Nightshade_117 copy.jpg

Your Dominant

I am a supreme sadist, an earthly Goddess, and a Queen of sensuality. I approach each session as I do My art, by creating an open and safe space for expression, creativity, and catharsis to be shared and witnessed through experience. I enjoy any kind of play that involves intentional transformation through submission or exploration of fetishes. 

All genders and identities are welcome as I provide a completely customized and unique consensual experience for those who seek it. If you've found yourself here, you're either meant to begin your BDSM journey or continue to dive deeper and I, as your Dominant, am here to guide you. I look forward to meeting.

My Specialties

I enjoy many types of delicious and devious play but I specialize most in the art of transformation. This can take shape as a physical manifestation through pain, pleasure, or appearance.  It can be a metaphysical awakening, where surrender to Me allows the true nature of self to come forth. Or, of course, we can simply explore the secret perversions you fantasize about. My desire in whatever scenario is to take complete control of your body and mind. Listed below are some of My favorite activities but this list does not cover the full scope of My practice. If you have something specific you'd like to explore, include that information in the booking form.

Kink & BDSM


Training & Protocol

Ritual & Roleplay

Impact Play

Sensory Stimulation & Deprivation

Corporeal Punishment

Tease & Denial

Bondage & Restraint

CBT & Chastity

Humiliation & Objectification

Foot Worship & Trampling


"Mistress Lillian is a force to be reckoned with. She is astute to every detail and walks the line between fantasy and reality. Art, transformation, and healing practices are Her home, and each person is Her next canvas that She is eager to play with. She uses BDSM as a space to showcase Her creativity, playing between light and dark, pain and pleasure, healing and release. From the moment you walk in, She is gathering Her assessment on how She plans to carefully manipulate you into Her next work of art. She has a quiet and captivating presence, waiting patiently and never quick. Her power is something She is skilled at wielding, effortlessly radiating from Her with pure ease. She holds many facets of Herself and seamlessly moves between personas to craft Her scenes to fulfill mutual desire and pleasure. If you are to be Her muse that She gazes upon next, She will gladly embrace and shape you to Her very liking. For novice and experienced players alike, Mistress Lillian is a wonderful guide to explore the many expressions of the self."

-Sub c

"I often say that the first time I was in the same room as Mistress Lillian , " all the air left the earth, time stopped , and I was lifted away to a place I had never been and can only find when I am with Her. " Her touch seems to follow the exact spot I long to feel it as if we have one mind. There’s a sense of safety and anticipation as I know she will push me and take care of  me when we're together. Under Her guidance She has helped me grow and change into a person that I never thought I could be. "

                                                                               -Sub s

"Security. I have been seeing Mistress for over half a year now and as our connection develops - that is what I feel when I enter a space with her. Security in d/s dynamics to me means that my bones know my place when I see Her face. The room gets smaller, in the opposite meaning of claustrophobic, and I know that whatever goosebumps inducing things we explore, She has me and I have her in our roles that make sense.


Mistress is an artist in so many ways and I cannot express her ability to capture something as dynamic as the air in my lungs. Be vulnerable, book a session & maybe you will be lucky enough to join the ranks of Her submissives that feel the presence of Her soul next to yours in whatever version of the dungeon exists in you."

                                                                             -Sub gg

In order to book a session with Me as a first time client, I require a minimum of 2 days notice. I do not accept same day appointments. Every booking requires a deposit to secure the rental space, proof of vaccination, and adhering to My screening protocols.


I am not a fantasy dispenser and My time is valuable. I'm interested in building meaningful relationships with My submissives and I require a reciprocation of respect and care towards one another.


If you agree to the above and are ready to explore what submission looks like for you, your options are:

For a more in depth and streamlined connection, Fill out My Booking Form


For a quick but more step by step process, either:

Text your Mistress: (707)-394-6050


Email your Mistress

Include your name and what type  of session you're looking to have ie: Domination, Public Outing, or Art Subject. 



Please Remember and Respect My limits:

I Do Not perform sessions Nude or Partially Nude

I Do not do full toilet or toilet training sessions

I do not switch

I do no humiliate based on gender or sexuality

I do not do race play

I do not engage in competitive wresting or any acts of violence

No Kissing, No sex, No Exceptions

"Why are you so determined to keep your wild silently inside you? Let it breathe. Give it a voice. Let it roll out of you on the wide open waves. Set it free." — Jeanette LeBlanc

Other Ways to Serve

One of the best parts about a D/s dynamic is that it revolves around mutual contentment. Your proper submission gives Me joy and if your Mistress is happy, then naturally, you are happy. So, while it is absolutely not a requirement, gifts and acts of devotion are always appreciated. A gift, a cash tribute, or simply a thoughtful card can all be small acts of adoration that have a big impact. A Dominatrix always remembers these gestures with fondness and appreciation.


Here I've provided a list of links and ideas but keep in mind, I value practicality, and gifts that will be useful in my everyday life stand out more to Me. I also appreciate spontaneity and creativity as well. Show your Mistress how much you care.

Send a gift from My Wishlists: Throne or Wishtender

Send tribute through Venmo or Cash app with a non-decriptive, very vanilla subject such as: "for you" or "have a good weekend", etc.

Become a Loyal Fan and subscribe to my fan site to get an intimate look into my life and Domination through never before seen photo's and bts footage of yours truly.

Shopping Date: Stand behind Me or kneel at My feet while I try on clothes, shoes, lingerie, all while using your credit card for anything and everything. 

Fine Dining Experience: I absolutely love having a unique dining experience. Treat Mistress Ophelia to a romantic date, or pitch in for Me and My friends to enjoy an evening out on you.

Spa Day: Treat Me to a day of luxury at the spa. Self care is extremely important to Me and I love receiving massage, soaking in hot pools, and dedicating hours to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Book a Getaway: Mistress Ophelia and I love to travel and escape from the city once and while. Treat Us to a weekend getaway and we'll be sure to offer a personalized thank you in return.

Buy My Art:
Visit My art website to purchase a print or an original piece of artwork. Or contact Me about a customized commission.


Other hobbies: Hiking, yoga, reading, meditation retreats, art, dance and performance, cooking, herbalism, gardening, the occult, architecture, real estate ( Help Me buy My dream house), traveling.

Birthday: September 7th

Height: 5'4"

Shoe: US 8

Bra: 36c

Panties:  S

Gloves: S-M

Jacket: S-M

Corset Size: 26", Bust: 36-37 inch, Waist 28-29 inch, Hips: 38-39 inch

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